[New research] Outpost24 Report Benchmarks Benelux Region’s Attack Surface Security 

Download the comprehensive report benchmarking five key industries in the Benelux region

Discover how your organization's digital security compares across the Benelux region with our latest research in this free PDF whitepaper.

Our comprehensive report, utilizing advanced External Attack Surface Management (EASM) data from Outpost24, benchmarks the security landscapes of key industries—Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharma, and Transport.

Gain critical insights and stay ahead of cybercriminals.

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Outpost24 External Attack Surface Management

Our simple onboarding process doesn’t need any software or agent installation – the platform is cloud-based and easily accessible through a secure login via your internet browser. We only need basic information like your company name and primary domains to get started, then we can: 

  • Non-intrusive, passive discovery from the infrastructure to the data layer

  • Simple onboarding without any on-premises installation

  • Analysis of all internet-facing assets analyzed and attack paths prioritized

  • Automated domain and subdomain discovery including look-a-like domain detection

  • Encryption certificate monitoring, including expiry dates, the certificate chain, TLS protocols, and issuers

  • Interactive dashboard for complete real-time visibility of your attack surface

  • Advanced port scanning to detect all open ports at risk of exploitation by threat actors

  • 24×7 automated monitoring built on advanced reconnaissance techniques

  • Builds an exhaustive and accurate data set of your attack surface

  • Cookie consent checks to verify your websites’ compliance with the GDPR regulation

  • Fully customizable alerting and reporting to identify and filter security priorities

  • Integrations including Jira, ITSM, SOAR, CAASM to drive effective triage and remediation

  • Detect if users of any of your domains have had their credentials leaked with integrated Threat Intelligence information

  • Monitor and track changes to assets in real-time with manual rescanning


Protect your organization from cyberattack and secure your attack surface with External Attack Surface Management from Outpost24