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DAST Expert

Actionable Results with Zero False Positives

In today's cybersecurity landscape, false positives have become a pervasive issue, creating major challenges for security teams, and impeding effective risk prioritization. False positives not only lead to legitimate vulnerabilities being overlooked but also drain valuable time and resources as teams manually sift through them to identify true threats.  

With our DAST Expert service, our team of certified penetration testers will accurately label and address critical vulnerabilities for you, ensuring that your resources are focused on fixing the biggest risks.  

Say goodbye to false positives and streamline your application security efforts with Outpost24's DAST Expert. Contact us today to experience the power of accurate and verified vulnerability identification for effective risk management. 

  • Zero false positives 
  • Actionable results 
  • Continuous web application monitoring 
  • Verified checks of fixes 
  • User-friendly portal 

Over 2,500 customers in 80+ countries trust Outpost24 to find their vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do 

Why Industry Leaders Choose Outpost24 for Application Security  

“The continual penetration testing and automated scanning solution from Outpost24 is vital as we’re monitored for vulnerabilities 24x7. Manual testing and checks provide an additional security layer when there’s a new version of the software to release.” John Hixon, R&D Director of Cezanne HR Software 

"Outpost24 has helped transform our security operations. The team instills the confidence needed to safeguard our brand reputation, facilitating our ability to support our business growth objectives.” Simon King, Security Operations and Vulnerability Manager, RS Group 

Web Application Security Testing

Simplify web application security testing for business-critical apps with SWAT, our most comprehensive pen testing as a service (PTaaS) solution. SWAT combines the depth and precision of manual penetration testing with vulnerability scanning to secure web applications at scale. The solution ensures a state of continuous monitoring, and exceptional coverage of both technical and business-logic flaws. This includes when changes are introduced to the web application, or if new attack methods are discovered. All findings are peer reviewed, eliminating the concern for false positives. SWAT delivers findings in real-time, with context aware risk-scoring via a dedicated portal.

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