Cyber Resilience Day

Tuesday, 14 May 2024 – HQ Konijnenberg 24, Breda, Netherlands

How To Increase the Cyber Resilience of Your Supply Chain 

Join Outpost24 to understand how to increase the cyber resilience of your supply chain. Supply chain attacks remain one of the most serious threats to cybersecurity that exist today. According to the U.S. National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), it's estimated that around 80% of cyberattacks worldwide occur through supply chains. Threat actors have identified increasingly integrated digital supply chains as an extremely effective and lucrative way to gain access to networks and data.  

To successfully mitigate this danger, it's essential for your company to prioritize taking corrective measures. 

At our Cyber Resilience Day, we'll provide valuable insights into the threat landscape of the supply chain. In addition, we'll explore the most effective methods for addressing issues and guaranteeing compliance with the latest regulatory requirements (NIS2/DORA). We'll concentrate on establishing suitable measures for managing risk and assessing the resilience of your supply chain through testing.  

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Agenda and Speaking Panel 

12:00 12.30 Registration + Lunch 

12.30 12.45 Introduction by Patrick van Velthoven 

12.45 13.30 Threat Landscape: Supply Chain   

The threat landscape of the supply chain is complex and constantly evolving. It encompasses a wide range of risks and vulnerabilities that can impact organizations at various stages of the supply chain process. Learn about the evolving threats in the supply chain through examination of recent incidents and patterns.  

Speaker: Victor Acin

13.30 14.15 Managing a cyber crisis in and with the chain       

Increasing digital interdependence brings security risks, even if your own cyber resilience is robust. Cyberattacks through suppliers remain a prevalent issue. Traditional controls often lack insight into supplier effectiveness. Cyber crisis exercises within the supply chain are an effective means to measure and enhance resilience yet organizing them poses complexities. In his presentation, Kelvin will delve into these challenges and outline the setup of a crisis exercise program. 

Speaker: Kelvin Rorive     

 CCRC  Cyber Chain Resilience Consortium  

14.15 14.30 Break 

14.30 15.15 Supply chain: new risk? or just different?  

Digital interdependence has become more visible, leading to increased threat awareness. But are these risks new? Or were they just neglected? Let's find out in Rob's presentation. 

Speaker: Rob Bening  

15.15 16.00 When Cybercriminals Strike: Surviving and Recovering from Doxxing and Ransomware” Dark Disruption: Victim of a Hack on the Dark Web 

What happens when you are a victim of a cyber-attack? Explore challenges of being targeted by doxxing and ransomware attacks. Learn more about potential risks of doxxing, including identity theft, harassment, and reputational damage, and get insightful recommendations on mitigating these risks.

Speaker: Peter Lahousse    

16:00  16:30 Group Discussions                  

Moderator: Henk Bijsterbosch       

Samen Digitaal Veilig  Samen Digitaal Veilig  

16:30  17:00 Experience sharing and summary 

17:00  18:00 Drinks and networking 


 ———— HOST  ———— 

Patrick van Velthoven

Patrick van Velthoven works at Outpost24 and has over 20 years of experience, at national and international level, with cybersecurity and fraud. Patrick was involved in the creation of the first Dutch Cyber Threat Intelligence platform (CMIS) for the sharing data between Dutch banks. He has a strong background in the cybersecurity field, specializing in areas such as threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and risk assessment. Patrick is known for his expertise in understanding and addressing the evolving threat landscape, particularly in relation to supply chain vulnerabilities.



Henk Bijsterbosch                                                                                                      

Henk Bijsterbosch is an experienced and value-driven Sales & Marketing professional. With years of experience as a commercial director in the ICT and cybersecurity sector, he has developed a strong professional network. This network has facilitated his transition into a more socially responsible role, where he now works towards fostering a more cyber-resilient Netherlands. As a member of the Samen Digitaal Veilig (Digitally Secure Together) Platform, his role is to oversee all knowledge partners and market parties, who together want to ensure that the NIS2 legislation within the entrepreneurial Netherlands will be successful.




Rob Bening

Rob Bening

Former CISO of ING and Advisor at Beyond Ideas

Rob Bening is a very experienced cybersecurity manager with decades of experience in the IT & cybersecurity domain. In his last role, Rob was Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at ING Bank Global. Previously, he served as Group Chief Technology Officer within Corporate IT, where he was responsible for the development of Group IT standards and various global standardization programs, such as the implementation of one standard email environment and the integration of the various networks (WANs).

In addition, Rob streamlined the architecture function within OIB (Operations and IT Banking) and led the architecture and engineering teams in Infrastructure. Rob is widely regarded in the financial world as an expert in the field of cybersecurity. Nowadays, Rob uses his knowledge and experience to coach CISOs. He has a clear vision and outspoken opinion regarding the role and mandate of the CISO within companies and organizations. 


Kelvin Rorive

Kelvin Rorive

Co-founder of the Cyber Chain Resilience Consortium (CCRC)

Kelvin Rorive brings over 25 years of diverse and extensive experience in the realm of information security. Currently serving as the Chief Information Security Officer at ICT Group, Kelvin has demonstrated his expertise across various roles and industries. 

Previously, Kelvin served as the Strategic Advisor Cybersecurity at Rabobank, where he played a pivotal role in establishing the global cyber crisis organization and spearheaded the global offensive testing program as the head of the Red Team. Moreover, Kelvin founded the CCRC (Cyber Chain Resilience Consortium) foundation with the aim of instilling cyber crisis preparedness within the entrepreneurial community, offering firsthand experiences of cyber crises. 

Kelvin's contributions extend beyond his professional roles; he is the author of the practical handbook "Geen paniek," empowering individuals to orchestrate their own crisis exercises. Throughout his career, Kelvin has held several security management positions, including SOC Manager, Chapter Lead Security, and Program Manager, spanning financial institutions, government entities, and the broader security domain. 


Peter Lahousse

Peter Lahousse

Trendwatcher and Cybercrime and Darkweb advisor for the Dutch National Police

Peter Lahousse is a renowned expert in the field of cybercrime and dark web trends. With a background in computer science and cybersecurity, he has specialized in studying the shadowy corners of the internet, identifying the latest trends and tactics of cybercriminals. Peter's expertise lies in his ability to translate complex technical concepts into understandable information for a broad audience, making him a sought-after speaker and advisor. Through his work, Peter has played a key role in detecting and preventing numerous cyber attacks. He is passionate about raising cybersecurity awareness and encouraging individuals and organizations to take proactive measures against cyber threats. 

Screenshot 2024-03-12 143133

Victor Acin

Head of Threat Intelligence Research

Victor Acin has been working in Threat Intelligence since 2016, and is now leading the Kraken Labs unit at Outpost24, performing tasks related to the generation of Threat Intelligence (mainly reverse engineering of malicious samples and research of global actors), and the development of the department's internal products, such us the malware analysis sandbox, in addition, he has also worked as an ethical hacker, performing penetration tests against web applications, external and internal infrastructure, and mobile devices.